Understanding the Value of Work

The other day I got uber happy. Ecstatic actually. There may even have been tears of joy. A government entity, YES, there it is in black and white – the department known as HOPWA, Housing People Living With AIDS had an AHA moment. With all the millions of dollars invested in finding a cure for people living with HIV/ AIDS much progress has been made medically speaking. No cure yet, but people with HIV/AIDS life expectancy has increased dramatically. So much so that this government department realized that they can no longer afford to pay rents and mortgages for this population FOREVER. As a result, HOPWA has changed their policy and is now touting the benefits or working. They even put together an amazing video called UNDERSTANDING THE VALUE OF WORK, the first of a three part series encouraging people that to live a quality life one should work.

Now as a taxpayer, who firmly believes that our government is out of control with spending – I am thrilled for this policy change. I prefer a smaller government, one that doesn’t impose decisions upon an apathetic society – generally speaking. (Remember, I live in Texas where voter turnout hovers around 4%). But of course that would mean that citizens would have to step up, take ownership.

At the beginning of this year I joined my first ever Mastermind group. Spearheaded by a brilliant gentleman who founded a college (www.monticellcollege.org) that teaches about liberty, providence, georgics and public virtue ideals that the Founding Fathers of our country dreamed about and wanted after leaving a tyrannical empire. Being a part of this lonely, idealistic group of freedom loving social entrepreneurs has reminded me that we live in an amazing country. Truly a land of opportunity. I needed that reminder because sometimes just hands to the plow can get routine and facilitate narrow mindedness. We don’t need and we really don’t want BIGGER government. To live a life of quality we must take ownership and live our dreams.

So, here is my official, public THANK YOU to the HOPWA department at the Federal level of our government. Congratulations for this empowering policy change.